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Being a guest

Are you and Stadcamping Deventer a good match?
The atmosphere on a campsite is produced by the people visiting it. Everyone has their own ideas of an ideal place. Prevent any disappointment and check if there is a match.

Do you mind simple sanitary facilities?
The sanitary facilities are simple. A reason for this, is the necessity for mobile facilities, in case the water of the Ijssel rises. Some say less appealing to the eye, but practical non the less.

Do you prefer freedom of choice, compared prefixed designated spots?
Choose your own camping spot: In the sun, under a tree, or close to the water with a view of the city. Prefixed spots, don't fit our philosophy.

Do you pursue freedom, happiness and trustworthiness?
The motto of the camp site is simple: We pursue freedom, happiness and trustworthiness!

Do you have garbage to throw away? We separate waste!
We are working hard on being more durable every day. We ask our guest to mind their wastage and separate their garbage.

Is pure camping in all its simplicity you thing too?
Spread around the camp site there are many electricity points. We trust that you as a guest will use power responsibly.

Are you a match? We hope to see you!

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